[OpenIndiana-discuss] Best way to map SAS drives to physical positions

Jeppe Toustrup openindiana at tenzer.dk
Mon Oct 3 13:19:07 UTC 2011


I have an OpenIndiana server connected to a 12 drive JBOD chassis
through SAS, and I am trying to figure out the best way to find out
which physical drive in the chassis resolves to each of the drive
names visible from the operating system.

These are the drives I can see in OpenIndiana related to the JBOD
(list from "format"):


The names does not tell anything about which physical location they
have in the JBOD as each drive has a WWN name, or at least a WWN-like

The only way I have found which I can find the order of the drives in
the JBOD along with the above names, without pulling out each drive
and see which one becomes unavailable, is within /etc/path_to_inst,
where I find the following lines:

"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c248f7" 3 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5c30c" 4 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c3af7d" 5 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c40412" 6 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5bc27" 7 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5b1db" 8 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5cd7c" 9 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5b44c" 10 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5bb0c" 11 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5b22b" 12 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c5cf1a" 13 "sd"
"/scsi_vhci/disk at g5000cca369c03102" 14 "sd"

The order of the drives here match the order in which they are found
in the JBOD, I just have to subtract 2 from the number in the second
column. My worries are however how this will look if I get another
JBOD chassis attached to the same server, I guess it will just
continue with counting the numbers up, but I don't have any reference
to which chassis each drive is found in.

Does anybody have a better way of getting the SAS drive IDs mapped to
the physical drive positions in JBOD arrays?

Venlig hilsen / Kind regards
Jeppe Toustrup (aka. Tenzer)

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