[OpenIndiana-discuss] Callee RC error - VirtualBox ver 4.1.2 will not open on OpenIndiana 151a

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Mon Oct 3 18:09:27 UTC 2011

Excellent.  I can actually open the GUI after starting this.  I was unable to previously.

Also, once the script is broken, the original Callee RC error returns.

Here is the script output.

Oracle VM VirtualBox XPCOM Server Version 4.1.2
(C) 2008-2011 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.

Starting event loop....
[press Ctrl-C to quit]
Informational: VirtualBox object created (rc=NS_OK).
^CTerminated event loop.
Informational: VirtualBox object deleted.
XPCOM server has shutdown

430 %

On 10/ 3/11 12:00 PM, oi-discuss at gftm.eu wrote:

> Could you try the following script before starting the GUI. Alter paths as needed ofc
> [CODE]#!/bin/bash
> export LD_NODIRECT
> exec /opt/VirtualBox/amd64/VBoxSVC[/CODE]

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