[OpenIndiana-discuss] 151 auto installer

Joshua M. Clulow josh at sysmgr.org
Tue Oct 4 22:45:53 UTC 2011

On 5 October 2011 07:49, Jason Matthews <jason at broken.net> wrote:
> I was planning on using OI148 and AI for a production environment. However,
> the repo is reportedly broken with no 'will' to fix it. This leaves me in
> the lurch if there is not AI for OI151.
> Alternately, does someone have a snaphot of the OI148 repo before the 151
> packages broke it?

Various snapshots of the repository exist here:

You could presumably reconstruct a repository from one of those
tarballs, or perhaps more likely a combination of a base version and
layering the update tarballs on top.

If you have an OI151a machine already, though, you can just create
your own AI ISO!  There's an XML file you'll need here:

  pkg install install/distribution-constructor

and then grab the AI ISO XML file from:


and create an ISO:

  distro_const ai_x86_image_JMC_151a.xml

which will, by default, be in:


I've used the ISO I created with this process to install at least one
machine so far, so it appears to work well enough.


Joshua M. Clulow
UNIX Admin/Developer

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