[OpenIndiana-discuss] ZFS problem hangs machine

Michelle Knight michelle at msknight.com
Sat Oct 8 09:47:35 UTC 2011

Hi Bernd,

/var/crash didn't exist.
/var/cores was empty

I have a copy of the message and log files. The messages only contains that 
one notice of the drive not responding, and that was it. The messages after 
that were when I had to restart the system, so there was nothing useful in 

I've got to work out how to get the GUID of the zpool backup, and then I'll 
try those commands.

I don't know how to check fault management.

The good news is that the restart of the copy is continuing. It is currently 
around the 241G mark transferred. If it makes it to 300G, then it will have 
passed the point where it died the first time.


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