[OpenIndiana-discuss] ZFS problem hangs machine

Bernd Helber bernd at helber-it-services.com
Sat Oct 8 17:25:17 UTC 2011

It might be a good idea to enable Coreadm for further events and report
it to Illumos Gate, or any other Bugtracker.

Please follow the Description this Procedure.


Another Option could be a migration to Samba, if those Problems ocurre

Sorry for the late feedback iw was busy.


Am 08.10.11 17:10, schrieb Michelle Knight:
> It looks like there was some process or change with the smb service that 
> wasn't happy until it had received another reboot.
> It crosses my mind that if smb wasn't happy ... might this have caused an 
> upset with zfs because one of the pools is shared via smb?
> Incidentally, it looks like backup has transferred 624G and is still running 
> so it is well beyond the 200-ish G when it froze.
> I really hope that the R620 is supported at some point. It would halve this 
> backup transfer time.
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