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Sat Oct 8 21:50:28 UTC 2011

Well said. Imagine all the help requests and accompanying answers that has
taken place on this list, for example. How accessible are they? A forum,
on the other hand, makes them more accessible, and in a nicely formatted
manner than a mailing list.

The community already exists. It just needs another address. And we all
know that the tools to build with are freely available.

Something along the lines of the Q & A section of LinuxBSDos.com
(http://linuxbsdos.com/ask), I think, works better than a traditional

Fini D.

> Hi List,
> firstly people tend to socialise.... thats a point why people like to
> use Blogs, Forums you name it.
> Wikis in general are great for Documentation. But it has not the same
> appeal to End Users.
> Have a look at Ubuntu Forums, and you know why.
> People like to have a Conversation, also sharing the  Experience. The
> Forum was one of the important points why Linux Distributions like
> Ubuntu, OpenSuSE had appeal to Endusers in the past few years.
> Mailing Lists, are great for System Engineers, System Administrators and
> Devs. But Mailing Lists aren't very sexy. :)
> But i would tend to say building a Forum or a Social Network, for
> Solaris/OpenIndiana Nexenta Delphix Users, should be done in a proper
> kind of manner.
> Every popular Linux Distribution, also the FreeBSD Community is running
> Forums, or Webboards in Addition to the Mailing lists.
> Maybe it would make sense to talk to the guys who are in Charge for
> Public Relations at Nexenta, Joyent Belenix, Openindia. A Webforum for
> Users of Solaris Distributions, could make sense.  But as we all know it
> takes time to build a community.
> Have a nice weekend Guys
> Am 08.10.11 20:34, schrieb Josef 'Jeff' Sipek:
>> I forgot to add... I generally search the web for "opensolaris" or
>> "solaris
>> 11" along with what I want to do.  Sometimes, pre-osol ways of doing
>> things
>> still apply.
>> Jeff.
>> On Sat, Oct 08, 2011 at 02:32:59PM -0400, Josef 'Jeff' Sipek wrote:
>>> On Sat, Oct 08, 2011 at 11:56:42AM -0600, LinuxBSDos.com wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> There seems to be plenty of resources for devs, but very little for
>>>> end-users, especially those new to the Solaris way of doing stuff.
>>>> There is a general discussion list, but I think it would be better if
>>>> all
>>>> that discussion takes place in a forum-like setting, instead of via a
>>>> mailing list.
>>>> I can volunteer to help set up and maintain one, and take care of
>>>> other
>>>> basic web-related chores.
>>> First things first, why do you thing a web-forum is better than a
>>> mailing
>>> list?
>>> Regardless, I agree that there is a bit of a lack of documentation.  Do
>>> you
>>> think a forum/mailing list would work better than a wiki?
>>> Either way, we could use all the help we can find.
>>> Jeff.
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