[OpenIndiana-discuss] Help with website

Любомир Григоров nm.knife at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 06:05:07 UTC 2011

If you are worried about resources, step 1 would be to get rid of direct
downloads. Or you get the following: casual user downloads, casual user
runs, casual user finds problem, casual user doesn't have forums to get
help, casual user leave. 1 download worth of bandwidth wasted. And that's
the main source of bandwidth, users trying it out.

There is nothing bad about having forums and mailing lists. Looking at the
casual user, not that many want to subscribe and send emails and wait
forever. I keep bringing casual user, because I seriously doubt at this
point anyone is going to use OI for production, esp. with great and mature
open source alternatives like FreeBSD out there.

If you don't have the adequate support (i.e. at least forums and a
NON-outdated wiki), then you will drive many potential users away and will
become "just another distro on distrowatch" whose users are the devs and a
handful fanboys.

Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)

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