[OpenIndiana-discuss] Customized startup commands?

Ewald Ertl ewald.ertl at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 06:49:29 UTC 2011

Hi Dan,
Am 09.10.2011 05:38 schrieb "Dan Swartzendruber" <dswartz at druber.com>:
> Okay, I've got to be missing something here.  I'm used to the linux/bsd
> where you put per-server commands in /etc/rc.local, executed after all
> There seems to be no equivalent in opensolaris, and google has NOT been my
> friend here :(  What am I missing?
Since Solaris 10/OpenSolaris the SMF (ServiceManagementFramework I think is
the long name)
Is used for managing the boot behavior. The old SYSV init system is also
rc.local remainds me on the old SunOS days, as it was a BSD derivat.


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