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Tobias Famulla ebay at famulla.eu
Mon Oct 10 22:55:44 UTC 2011

Sorry, but i don't really see the point.

Of course OS is different to Linux or BSD, but there are also 
differences between them.
If you change from Windows or even Mac OS to a posix-like system the 
difference might be the largest, but there are a lot of people who use 
Linux on their notebooks or PCs.

If I want to run a server on OpenIndiana, because I want to use ZFS and 
Zones, because they fit my needs, I only want a source, where I find the 
information, how to partition the system, how to build a pool, how to 
install a postgresql-server or something like that.

I think if you have a good documentation and/or wiki and a possibility 
to communicate to the experts in a not to complicated way, the users 
will use OI if it fits their needs.

Because OI might also not have the same use-cases than ubuntu, a 
newsgroup-server or a maillinglist might be fine.


Am 10.10.2011 23:32, schrieb Dan Swartzendruber:
> A couple of thoughts: OSX is a dreadful wrong example.  If you polled 1
> million Mac users and asked them 'what OS runs under the hood?', my guess is
> 95% would have no idea what you are talking about.  Secondly, throwing vague
> statements out about the 'shortcomings of linux' is at best non-helpful, and
> at worst discredits you.  I am a Software Engineer, and it irks me to no end
> to have to retain N different tool/command sets in my memory for no good
> reason.  Whether you like it or not, Linux (and to a lesser extent, the
> various BSD dialects) are what most folks know and are comfortable with.
> Presenting them with yet another flavor of Unix, with a command/tool set
> that is too distant is going to result in the person walking away and
> settling for redhat/ubuntu/debian or whatever.  I kind of hinted at this in
> an earlier post - if I didn't have to use OI or some flavor of OS to get ZFS
> for my SAN, I would have gone elsewhere like a shot.  BSD and Linux are
> pretty close when most of the commands are considered - OS is much less so,
> and that is what is going to relegate it to a niche system unless something
> changes.  And no, I'm not an opposing fanboy or basher, just a realist...
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