[OpenIndiana-discuss] Static IP configuration problem

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Wed Oct 12 19:34:48 UTC 2011

Also, don't forget to edit /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/nsswitch.conf since
you're not getting DNS server details from a DHCP server.
(Might also be useful to set up ntp if you're going to use it.)

On 10/12/2011 03:15 PM, Karl Dag Gursli wrote:
> First do : svcadm disable network/physical:nwam
> Then: svcadm enable network/physical:default
> Then add hostname and ip to /etc/hosts
> Make a /etc/hostname.e1000g0 and add the hostname from /etc/hosts
> Add the hostname to /etc/nodename
> Add the default route to /etc/defaultrouter

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