[OpenIndiana-discuss] Static IP configuration problem

Dan Swartzendruber dswartz at druber.com
Wed Oct 12 21:21:24 UTC 2011

Not everyone installs with a GUI, though...

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On 13/10/2011, at 5:55 AM, Dan Swartzendruber wrote:
> LinuxBSDos.com wrote:
>> Those are the steps we used to take in Linux a long time ago. This is one
>> area that oi will have to address to make non-techy users lives a bit
>> easier.
> Yeah, I know.  I've been around the block a few times (I started using
Linux in 1994 for a self-started business.)  Even for techies this is a
nuisance.  So you are a new admin who has been tasked with installing a
server, and you were persuaded to try OI.  You get it configured and... no
IP address?  So you go to a workstation elsewhere and start googling for how
to fix basic issues like this.  This should, IMO, be done by the installer,
not as an afterthought.  I followed a somewhat different approach that
involves a pseudo-static IP via nwam.  That seems to work too, but I
honestly have no idea if it is better, worse or the same (on the merits) as
the approach already mentioned here.

My machine is set up with a static IP address, configured by nwam. I used
the GUI to set it up, it wasn't that hard. The hardest thing I found was
getting to the right spot in the GUI.

I also notice that there's no man pages installed for `nwamadm` or `nwamcfg`
- at least on my system. Do others have them?

I agree, it would be nice to have the installer be able to set up static IP
address networking.

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