[OpenIndiana-discuss] nagios/nrpe?

Bernd Helber bernd at helber-it-services.com
Fri Oct 14 18:19:38 UTC 2011

Hi Dan,

i built Nagios and NRPE few Month ago for Open Solaris

maybe its what you need


All packages have been built with Sun Studio againgst Webstack.
If you would prefer to build the packages by yourself, i could send you
my Documentation, unfortunately, at the Moment its written in german.

But i would be able to transfer it from german into English. But it will
take a little bit time. ;)

Those are the packages

nagios-base-x86-3.2.3.pkg  ----> Minimal Build
nagios-config-x86-3.2.3.pkg ---> Configfiles
nagios-html-x86-3.2.3.pkg   ---> HTML and other...
nagios-cgi-x86-3.2.3.pkg   ----> CGI Stuff
nagios-full-x86-3.2.3.pkg   ---> everyyng
nagios-plugins-x86-1.4.15.pkg  -> Plugins

Am 14.10.11 17:27, schrieb Dan Swartzendruber:
> I monitor a bunch of servers and such on my home system using nagios
> (icinga) on a ubuntu VM.  Each target has nrpe to handle the network
> requests and run the nagios plugins.  Has anyone gotten the nrpe/nagios
> stuff working on OI?  Google hasn't turned up anything useful, I'm
> afraid...
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Cheers. :)

with kind regards

 Bernd Helber

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