[OpenIndiana-discuss] Aggregation performance measurement

Volker A. Brandt vab at bb-c.de
Mon Oct 17 16:06:36 UTC 2011

> In particular, what's the sharing policy ('dladm show-aggr -L')?
> My experience with S10 was that I only got both paths in use when
> I set the sharing policy to combine L2 and L3.

Yes, that is also my experience.  Here is what I currently have for
configuration on the one aggregation I use more than sporadically:

# dladm show-aggr -L
key: 1 (0x0001) policy: L2,L3   address: 0:23:8b:xx:yy:zz (fixed)
                LACP mode: active       LACP timer: short
    device    activity timeout aggregatable sync  coll dist defaulted expired
    bge0      active   short   yes          yes   yes  yes  no        no
    nge0      active   short   yes          yes   yes  yes  no        no

This is the only useable config: active, short timeout, use L2+L3.
OS is S10 U9/x64.  But still it is not used symmetrically:

# dladm show-aggr -s

key:1           ipackets   rbytes       opackets   obytes       %ipkts  %opkts
        Total   466841076  446265645314 418989589  87606162787
        bge0    5166862    1815551300   321053212  560109195       1.1    76.6
        nge0    461674214  444450094014 97936377   87046053592    98.9    23.4

[BTW this command could use a -h switch for MB/GB display :-)]

I guess if more clients talked to this server, the load would be spread
out more.  But I only have max 2-3 clients creating traffic at any given

Regards -- Volker
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