[OpenIndiana-discuss] zone connection closed after upgrade to IO

cwjordanoi at cox.net cwjordanoi at cox.net
Tue Oct 18 18:10:18 UTC 2011


I haven't seen any particular problems with zones on OpenIndiana.  One thing to watch out for, if you haven't already, you will need to upgrade the zones as well by doing "zoneadm -z yourzonename detach" and "zoneadm -z yourzonename attach -u".

Chris Jordan
cwjordanoi at cox.net

---- Achim Wolpers <achimwo7 at googlemail.com> wrote: 
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> Hi!
> Finally I upgraded my OSol 134 to OI 152. It worked fine! But one issue
> came up: my one zone refused connection after booting IO. So I switched
> back to the OSol BE. Is this a known problem?
> aw

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