[OpenIndiana-discuss] menu.lst on a machine booting into X

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Wed Oct 19 01:06:41 UTC 2011

Alan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith at oracle.com> writes:


> There are no grub changes needed to run X.
>> Are there any services besides gdm that must be running to run an X
>> session?
> dbus, consolekit, hal, fc-cache, and a bunch of desktop-cache ones.
> (Assuming a normal gnome desktop.)

Thanks,  I managed to get X running a reboot after enabling gdm.  It
appears to be a normal gnome desktop.  Should I still be checking on
services that might need to be enabled?  It appears that starting gdm
was enough to get a gui login and what appears so far to be a normal
gnome desktop.

Does this look about right for desktop stuff:

svcs -a  |grep desk

online         19:44:41 svc:/application/desktop-cache/mime-types-cache:default
online         19:44:41 svc:/application/desktop-cache/pixbuf-loaders-installer:default
online         19:44:42 svc:/application/desktop-cache/desktop-mime-cache:default
online         19:44:43 svc:/application/desktop-cache/input-method-cache:default
online         19:44:45 svc:/application/desktop-cache/gconf-cache:default
online         19:45:16 svc:/application/desktop-cache/icon-cache:default

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