[OpenIndiana-discuss] Problem with high cpu load (oi_151a)

Gernot Wolf gw.inet at chello.at
Thu Oct 20 20:35:47 UTC 2011

Yes, I noticed that to when I compared the lockstat output on my OI box 
with that on the OI box at my office. There no Acpi debug tracing 
functions are shown at all...

Mike made further suggestions concerning apci, but that will have to 
wait for tomorrow. My bed is calling my name ;)

Gernot Wolf

Am 20.10.11 19:55, schrieb Steve Gonczi:
> Your lockstat output fingers Acpi debug tracing functions.
> I wonder why these are running in the first place.
> Steve
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> Hello all,
> I have a machine here at my home running OpenIndiana oi_151a, which
> serves as a NAS on my home network. ....
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