[OpenIndiana-discuss] ZFS stalls with oi_151?

Tommy Eriksen te at rackhosting.com
Fri Oct 21 14:35:56 UTC 2011

Den 21/10/2011 kl. 15.31 skrev Steve Gonczi:

Are you running with dedup enabled?

If the box is still responsive, try to generate a thread stack listing e.g:
echo "::threadlist -v" > mdb -k > /tmp/threads.txt

Actually, due to a rapidly approaching deadline, I had to run down and reinstall them on 148 about half an hour ago, so I can't provide much debug, unfortunately.

I'm not using dedup and the hangs didn't seem related to doing zfs commands in particular. It's happened both when the box was doing zfs send, zfs recv and "none of the above".

It didn't really seem load-bound.

Symptom was, system was up and running with no problems, only ZFS wouldn't write to the pool. No errors logged (in dmesg or otherwise), no error counters on the drives when looking with iostat or lsiutil.
It would, however, happily write data to the l2arc devices in the pool. zpool status wouldn't report problems.

I didn't try running sync=always due to time constraints.

System wouldn't reboot on command, it'd just hang indefinitely until I reset it via IPMI.

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