[OpenIndiana-discuss] When will we see VGA passthrough on OI hosts?

Robin Axelsson gu99roax at student.chalmers.se
Thu Oct 27 21:34:47 UTC 2011

I made the following post on Intel developers' forums regarding 
virtualization and improvement suggestions



On 2011-10-24 20:50, Robin Axelsson wrote:
> I've been following the Xen development for a while and I must say 
> that it has been an exciting pastime. I recently got hold of the 
> following video:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtmwnx-k2qg
> where a guy actually pulled off a passthrough of a whole VGA setup on 
> a system running Ubuntu 10.10. So I'm wondering when we will see 
> something similar on OI. I know that there is a Xen kernel for OSOL 
> but don't know about OI. It seems more reasonable to spend time 
> developing Xen for OI than KVM as it is far more competent as 
> hypervisor and we already have Virtualbox...
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