[OpenIndiana-discuss] heavy cpu usage inside VirtualBox on linux

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Fri Oct 28 13:14:56 UTC 2011

I wondered if anyone can verify if its normal to see such high cpu
usage in these situtations.

Running b 151 inside VirtualBox on a linux OS (debian).

The hardware is older P4 with Celeron 3.06 Ghz CPU and 2gb of ram.

The VM is assigned 888 MB of the available 2025.

I'm not sure how much is Virtual Box itself and how much is due to OI
Maybe someone here knows what VB it self might be pulling ans so how
much of it is OI

1) During startup
In the application `top' I see (During startup of oi) 96 % of cpu
going to Virtual box.

2) Idling after startup is complete
Once started and just idling, I see in `top':

 11431 reader    20   0  622m 520m 479m S 11.9 25.7   8:37.70  VirtualBox 

So still, a rather hefty chunk of available cpu and ram.

I have only 2 (small) zpools, and 2 zfs filesystems.  The VM is not
running any service like nfs server or the like.  Only what would
normally be running in a default install with above mentioned zpool
and zfs fs setup.

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