[OpenIndiana-discuss] About auto snapshots

Per Sjoholm Per.T.Sjoholm at flysta.net
Fri Oct 28 16:45:53 UTC 2011

On 10/28/2011 12:17 AM, Harry Putnam wrote:
> ....
> Per Sjoholm<Per.t.Sjoholm at flysta.net>  writes:
> [...]
>> Works for me
> Well, that is good news... its probably some configuration not
> completed on my end then.
> Did you guys do anything more than enable the timeslider with the
> checkbox on the desktop timeslider tool?  I see that the service
> attempts to start at boot up but fails.
> I couldn't find any better way to capture those messages (taking place
> on a Virtualbox install of oi 151) than a screen shot so have attached
> it below, I hope it is visible enough to read:
Not sure what i did. ( I was more focused on getting oi-build running in a zone)
under user and group amend roles (zfs snapshot)
Starting/opening graphical timeslider in gnome

Per Sjöholm
Spanga, Stockholm, Sweden

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