[OpenIndiana-discuss] e2fsprogs header file bug

Volker A. Brandt vab at bb-c.de
Fri Oct 28 19:26:44 UTC 2011

James Carlson writes:
> If one were malicious, it'd be a way to catch people who write code
> without reading the documentation.  :-/

You mean, like the stupid passcode you need to specify when you
want to apply the Recommended patch cluster?  :-(

> I also tried removing headers that were utterly without merit, such as
> /usr/include/net/af.h.

/* af.h 1.10 88/08/19 SMI; from UCB 7.1 */

Oh come on, it's not much older than 23 years. :-)

> That doesn't do anything on Solaris, and never
> did.  You'd be surprised and dismayed how much crapola like that is
> strewn in /usr/include.  I spent months categorizing stuff, removing
> garbage, and rewriting mistaken code throughout the system that actually
> _used_ these _unusable_ headers, but never got to the point of
> integrating the work.  I still have the diffs somewhere if someone wants
> them.

It certainly would be interesting to see how much in /usr/include
would need to be touched.

> I like cleanliness, so I wouldn't argue against someone making
> improvements here, but I've been beaten down enough myself.  ;-}

We feel with you.  Don't give up!

Regards -- Volker
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