[OpenIndiana-discuss] Checking procedure to move to new machine

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Sat Oct 29 03:56:10 UTC 2011

I kind of know the commands and what they are supposed to do, but have
no actual experience with moving zpools from one machine to another.

Or in this case from vbox guest on a debian linux host OS, to vbox guest on
a win7 host OS.  (The linux box doesn't really have enough ram)

So, is this the best plan:

Install oi guest on win7 vbox.  Create a zpool of appropriate size.

use zfs send to send over the zfs filesystem and zfs receive to
populate the new zpool with the old zfs fs.

Some examples I see seem to show user creating a current snapshot
on sending machine first then using commands like this:

  mach1 pfexec zfs send mypool/myfs at current | 
                ssh mach2 zfs receive mypool/myfs

Is there some reason why one would send a current snapshot rather than
sending the file system itself like:

  mach1 pfexec zfs send mypool/myfs | 
               ssh mach2 zfs receive mypool/myfs

I don't just want to start experimenting without some pretty good
notion I'm doing things right since I'm too inexperienced to know how
to recover quickly and easily if I jack something up.

So is the above a workable plan?

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