[OpenIndiana-discuss] send/receive.. and mountpoint

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Sun Oct 30 20:05:28 UTC 2011

Running b 151a in Vbox

This is my first real try at using the send/receive commands offered
in zfs.

I'm moving data from one vm guest on a debian linux OS to a new vm
guest on a win7 OS.

I thought there would be a way to have a file system on the old server
to just be duplicated on the new.

On the new I created a zpool of the same name that the filesystems are
in on the old server.  But no  zfs filesystems.

So oldserver:

   zp2/hosts  mountpoint=/hosts

And on newserver just the pool


So with:
  zfs send zp2/hosts at 111030_14:43:17_0 |
              ssh zfs recv   zp2/hosts

But on newserver the mountpoint is lost and zp2/hosts is mounted
on /zp2/hosts

I'm confused about what the various flags do but guessing some flag or
combination of flags will make the mountpoint come out the same during

When I try with the -R flag on the send end I get an error about

   # zfs send -R zp2/hosts at 111030_14:43:17_0 |
                      ssh zfs recv zp2/hosts
   WARNING: could not send zp2/hosts/reader at 111030_14:43:17_0: does
   not exist

zp2/hosts was created and with the right mount point, but I don't
understand why I get a warning about trying to send a snapshot of 
`zp2/hosts/reader at 111030_14:43:17_0' when I did not attempt to do
that.. and there isn't even a snapshot of zp2/hosts/reader with
that name.

So I've now sent the main data load which is in reader with:

   zfs send -R zp2/hosts/reader at 111030_14:40:31_0 |
              ssh zfs recv zp2/hosts/reader

It appears to be working although I won't know for sure for a couple
of hours.

So is the only way to do this is in two moves?  Or can it be done in 1

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