[OpenIndiana-discuss] Where is received filesystem

Attila Fülöp atf at gesindel.org
Mon Oct 31 13:20:30 UTC 2011


see below for comments.

On 10/31/11 12:25 AM, Harry Putnam wrote:
> I've been tinkering with send/receive trying to understand how it all
> works. 
> I've found what appears to my inexperienced eyes to be something of an
> anomaly.
> I successfully sent/received two filesystems:
>   zp2/hosts
>   zp2/hosts/reader 
> I think I made some changes in a certain script, and maybe more than 1
> since that move.
> So since the amount of data in zp2/hosts is nearly minuscule (5
> scripts), I decided to just send/receive zp2/hosts on the old server
> to zp2/hosts_old, then at my leisure, investigate the differences.
> Inadvertently, I forgot to take off the -R flag and so used this
> command:
>    zfs send -R zp2/hosts at 111030_14:43:17_0 |
>                       ssh zfs recv zp2/hosts_old
>   Password:
> And received this warning:
>   WARNING: could not send zp2/hosts/reader at 111030_14:43:17_0
>   exist cannot mount '/hosts': directory is not empty
> I don't understand either part of that warning.  I've already posted
> about the first part (reader at 111030_14:43:17_0) so here just
> questioning the second part....
> Why would `/hosts' need to be mounted? (I think it is about the
> receiving host.. right?)
> But what is really puzzling, is that newserver reports that data set
> to be present:
>   zfs list -r zp2
>   zp2               10.2G   193G    31K  /zp2
>   zp2/hosts         10.2G   193G   464K  /hosts
>   zp2/hosts/reader  10.2G   193G  4.29G  /hosts/reader
>   zp2/hosts_old      528K   193G   464K  /hosts
> So has the content of zp2/hosts been overwritten?

No, if you look at the mountpoints you'll see that
zp2/hosts and zp2/hosts_old have the same mountpoint
property. Thats why zfs can't mount zp2/hosts_old
on /hosts

Use the -u flag to recv to avoid the warning. Use
'zfs set mountpoint=/hosts_old zp2/hosts_old' to change
the mountpoint after receiving. Than you'll find your
data under /hosts_old.



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