[OpenIndiana-discuss] Any HP Servers recommendation for Openindiana (Capacity Server) ?

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Fri Jan 6 10:34:18 UTC 2012

Here is a review i just found o none of our main IT sites in Holland:

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Svavar Örn Eysteinsson wrote:

The actual question about HP, and or some other vender was
> regarding say, if a HD disk would fail, controller and or motherboard,
> I have a pretty good connection(and support) regarding replace'ing
> them after few hours. So hardware support would be great, and hardware
> compatibility.
> Software support is not what I'm actually looking for.

If have to go HP, then use the DL380G7 instead of the DL360. You can put two
main risers in that chassis which will support multiple PCI-E cards each --
both half and full height. The DL380 can also hold 16 drives/8 mirrors.

If you put an LSI card in that box, HP is not likely going to want to
support you on some disk related issues. Failed drives shouldn’t be a
problem. You'll want the 9205-8E LSI card at any rate not 9208 which doesn’t

Make sure you flash the LSI card immediately to avoid problems. P12 is the
latest rev as of November. The flash procedure is a bit silly. Download the
firmware in the windows/dos/whatever zip file and then get the installer
from the solaris branded zip file. On some revs of firmware, the flash
binary fails to discover any LSI cards. I found that the irc2sas binary some
how gets the card in a proper state to be discovered by the flash updater.

I strongly advise not using the P410 in your box. The write performance is
dismal with Solaris, at least w/o the write back cache. It is much better
under linux in the same configuration.


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