[OpenIndiana-discuss] Replacing both disks in a mirror set

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Mon Oct 8 23:30:17 UTC 2012

> Unfortunately, this is not the case.
> Well, you can of course attach it again. Like any new or empty disk.
> But only if and only if you have enough replicas, and that's not what
> one wanted if one fell in this misunderstanding trap.
> And there are no warnings in the zpool/zfs man pages.
> What you want:
> zpool replace <poolname> <vdev to be replaced> <new vdev>
> But last weekend I lost 7 years of trust that I had in ZFS.
>  Because Oracle Solaris 11/11 x86 with an encrypted and gzip-9
> compressed mirror cannot be accessed anymore after VirtualBox forced
> me to remove prower from the host machine.
> Since then a 1:1 mirror of 2TB disks cannot be mounted anymore. It
> always ends in a kernel panic due to a pf in
> aes:aes_decrypt_contiguous_blocks.

Aehm, to make this clear: I fell in the attach/detach trap a few years ago.
Not this time!

What I mentioned above is a real data corruption caused by the
allegedly "UNSINKABLE" ZFS itself, after VirtualBox froze my x86 host
machine. That alone was enough to render my mirrored pool 2TB
INACCESSIBLE! Just a simple freeze of the host.

I AM DEAD, if I cannot recover this pool again.
Luckily it does _not_ contain the work for our distro, and also not my
openXsun patches/gate.
But about 5 Thousand professional photos and 100 Videos that I created
during my time in Bosnia. I wanted to publish this as a book  :(

And many other things, like development branches I had been working on.
All email, EVERYTHING.
If it stays like that, I HAVE NO HOME ANYMORE
Thanks to my blind trust in ZFS!

Here the kernel panic as attachment, to keep text formatting readable:
<<PANIC.txt.gz - 1kb>>

So BE WARNED! Don't risk your own data!!!
For this reason I write you, although I'm definitely not in a mood to
do anything anymore   :(


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