[OpenIndiana-discuss] Replacing both disks in a mirror set

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Tue Oct 9 10:13:32 UTC 2012

2012-10-09 13:01, Andrej Javoršek wrote:
> Martin I hope you succeeded to get your data back.

> I have been beaten by ZFS couple of times before

+2 ;)

> Now the main question!
> If I offline disk (zpool offline MYPOOL <disk>), will that disk be usable
> as a single disk for import?!

I do understand how people want to make things simpler, but
how does it not suffice to create a stand-alone separate pool
on this removable disk or the disk migrating onto another host,
complete with "installgrub" and the appropriate zpool attributes
like "bootfs" (perhaps starting with "zpool split" - didn't use
that yet)?

In terms of keeping backup in a table, sending some incremental
snapshots should be safer than letting a mirror resync its
possible new errors (like those Martin had) completely.
With snapshots on a separate pool you can rollback easier than
on an identical clone of the same corrupted pool.

You are even "guaranteed" to have enough space to do this, since
you intended to use a sufficiently-sized disk as a mirror half


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