[OpenIndiana-discuss] What is OI/illumos stance on recreation of features from Solaris 11 (and other proprietary OSes)?

Ilya Arhipkin ilya at arhipkin.com
Wed Oct 10 13:20:39 UTC 2012

  Hello, everyone

10.10.12 15:51, Jim Klimov ?????:
> 3) Immutable zones (several levels of immutability, with part
>    of the zone filesystem being read-only) - basically we had
>    much of this implicitly with sparse-root zones, but the new
>    feature is a configurable attribute of the (fullroot) zone
>    and allows to permit writes to /var+/etc, to only logs, or
>    to nothing at all, basically.
> 4) Automatic VNICs for zones - if I got it right, if a VNIC
>    if referenced in config of an exclusive-IP local zone and is
>    missing in global zone Crossbow config, the VNIC is spawned
>    temporarily during zone boot and torn down at its shutdown.
> 5) An enhancement to "zoneadm" that allows to gracefully shutdown
>    a local zone from GZ (essentially "zoneadm shutdown {-r}" seems
>    like just a shortcut to "zlogin zonename 'init 5{6}'").
>   Of course, there are hundreds more of features that were not
> even touched in the presentation, but of those that were - some
> of the above look scriptable and simple; others less so, but
> still quite useful.
>   MAY they be implemented for illumos-gate/OI?
> Thanks for ideas,
> //Jim Klimov
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sudo chmod 644 /etc

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Regards, Arhipkin Ilya <http://www.post.arhipkin.com>

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