[OpenIndiana-discuss] making new fresh install BE with pkg/IPS, install specific OI build - ZFS feature flags compatibility

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 09:08:29 UTC 2012

Hi, I would like to as a question that was probably asked many times before,
but it would be nice to have it here for further reference.

1. Issuing what beadm and pkg (IPS) commands,
one can make new BE (Boot environment) with fresh install (entire) of
the operating system,
that can boot independently of already running BE?
I think that is something like making new BE with beadm, mounting it to
/tmp with beadm and installing all packages that new install is
consisted of to that new BE.

2. Updating to the specific /dev build of Openindiana.
     Thing I have in mind is that I would like to have a version before
supporting ZFS pool feature flags,
for possible compatibility.

If older systems and those who still does not support feature flags,
recognize FF ZFS as version 28, then it should be ok? I think I remember
it is setting version on 999 or something, how does that affect
At the end if everyone using ZFS (FreeBSD,ZfsOnLinux,ZFS-FUSE,Illumos
distros) update to using feature flags, except Oracle Solaris ****,
maybe question of compatibility is not much important?

Thanks for manual, response and corrections :)

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