[OpenIndiana-discuss] Zfs stability

Roel_D openindiana at out-side.nl
Fri Oct 12 19:55:41 UTC 2012

Being on the list and reading all ZFS problem and question posts makes me a little scared.

I have 4 Sun X4140 servers running in the field for 4 years now and they all have ZFS mirrors (2x HD). They are running Solaris 10 and 1 is running solaris 11. I also have some other servers running OI, also with ZFS.

The Solaris servers N E V E R had any ZFS scrub. I didn't even knew such existed ;-) 

Since it all worked flawless for years now i am a huge Solaris/OI fan. 

But how stable are things nowaday? Does one need to do a scrub? Or a resilver? 

How come i see so much ZFS trouble? 

Kind regards, 

The out-side

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