[OpenIndiana-discuss] Missing ZFS features?!

Flo florian at acw.at
Tue Oct 16 13:09:02 UTC 2012


while deploying a new zfs backup script, I recognized that on solaris 11 
and openindiana 151a7 there is the same zfs version, version 5. Is that 

Why has the zfs version from oracle more features than oi?
The missing features are:
zfs send -b
Sends only received property values whether or not they are overridden 
by local settings, but only if the dataset has ever been received. Use 
this option when you want zfs receive to restore received properties 
backed up on the sent dataset and to avoid sending local settings that 
may have nothing to do with the source dataset, but only with how the 
data is backed up.

zfs receive [[-o property=value] | [-x property]]
-o property=value
Sets the specified property as if the command zfs set property=value is 
invoked at the same time the received dataset is created from the 
non-incremental send stream or updated from the incremental send stream. 
Any editable ZFS property can also be set at receive time. Set-once 
properties bound to the received data, such as normalization and 
casesensitivity, cannot be set at receive time even when the datasets 
are newly created by zfs receive. Multiple -o options can be specified. 
An error results if the same property is specified in multiple -o or -x 
-x property
Ensures that the effective value of the specified property after the 
receive is unaffected by the value of that property in the send stream 
(if any), as if the property had been excluded from the send stream. If 
the specified property is not present in the send stream, this option 
does nothing. If a received property needs to be overridden, the 
effective value can be set or inherited, depending on the property. In 
the case of an incremental update, -x leaves any existing local setting 
or explicit inheritance unchanged (since the received property is 
already overridden). All -o restrictions apply equally to -x.

The two receive flags are very nice to have. Will they get implemented 
in future versions?

Best regards
Florian Schmid

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