[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI wiki usage WAS new Firefoxes and ILOM web access

Roel_D openindiana at out-side.nl
Wed Oct 17 15:15:11 UTC 2012

No mather where you store it, it's +3 from my side already. 

I was struggling with this for some time and had to use poor-old IE9 on windows 7 just for the ILOMs

Kind regards, 

The out-side

Op 17 okt. 2012 om 15:15 heeft Jim Klimov <jimklimov at cos.ru> het volgende geschreven:

> 2012-10-17 16:21, Udo Grabowski (IMK) пишет:
>> Good question as always: who manages such a page tree. Maybe a
>> user editable wiki (registered users only, of course), with a category
>> tree (to prevent information chaos). Outdated information should be
>> cleaned up or marked as such. Comment functionality to those pages
>> would indeed be useful.
>> I really do think that the OI wiki is the right place
>> for such a section, and not someones private pages.
> THE OI wiki (and the illumos wiki for common systemic parts)
> are editable by any registered users, and commentable by anyone.
> This is in place already for about a year on the Confluence engine,
> and was for some time before that on Redmine.
> Indeed, someone should come up with a categorization tree, or just
> leave it as it works now - as an evolutionary process where some
> interested active people move pages around, consolidate or break
> them up into manageable relevant pieces of info. If you find the
> old categorization unwieldy - go fix it, or perhaps ask Deirdre or
> list members for suggestions/discussion first (i.e. would your fix
> be convenient to others?)
> The engine also supports private pages and/or blog entries, which
> are AFAIK uneditable but readable (by default) by other users and
> can be used as staging areas for your new docs, or for questionable
> things like these Firefox-ILOM changes. Overall this info will be
> "findable" within the OI wiki, and may be linked to from the common
> troubleshooting page (or whatever relevant section), but won't be a
> wiki entry. (IMHO that's generally bad and leads to stale entries,
> but may help retain some data which is hard to categorize or post
> into a rigid taxonomy).
> My 2c,
> //Jim
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