[OpenIndiana-discuss] Same networking with varied NICs

Jim Klimov jim at cos.ru
Sat Oct 20 16:16:47 UTC 2012

As a midway point, vanity naming did not solve this.
It only applies the name to the first interface in the datalink.conf
file with this name, regardless of whether its device exists.

In particular, if the eth0 name is mapped onto rge0 first, then gani0,
the system boots up with an unavailable eth0 interface and creates a
new vanity naming gani0=gani0. If I reverse those two lines, things
work. So, vanity names don't really help my case - not without an
intermittent reboot, or some (SMF?) script to vanity-name the correct
interface and continue with dladm setup of the system.

That's something but not enough to satisfy me ;)

2012-10-20 20:08, Michael Stapleton wrote:
> Bridging only supports physical NICs, not VNICs :-(
> Adding multiple VNICs to a physical NIC addresses this, but you are back
> to your original problem of changing physical NICs.
> I see scripting in your future...

Yes, my prophet! That might be possible ;)

> NWAM might be used to trigger your scripts.

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