[OpenIndiana-discuss] Unable to label 3 TB USB disk on 151a7

Reginald Beardsley pulaskite at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 21:35:28 UTC 2012

I just got a 3 TB Toshiba USB disk to use for backups for Sol 10 & OI.  BIG mistake!

4k sectors.

sol 10 u8 kernel panics when the disk is selected in format(1m).  At least selecting the replacement 3 TB Hitachi SATA drive just crashed format.

OI 151a7 can select the drive, but won't write a label to the drive.

I get a spurious "warning drive may be in use" message for most operations in format.  The only way I can even attempt to label the drive is via format->type but that fails w/ a message about writing geometry.

I had been under the impression that large USB drives were usable w/ OI, but clearly "actual mileage may vary".

Any suggestions?  At this point I'm accumulating a pretty high end Linux box from pieces Solaris & OpenIndiana can't use.


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