[OpenIndiana-discuss] Hard hangs on 151a7 but not on 151a6

Paul van der Zwan paulz at vanderzwan.org
Sat Oct 27 13:05:56 UTC 2012

I have an Intel DG43GT mobo /Core2 Quad CPU system at home running OI.
It's running 4 Virtualbox VM's with FreeBSD stable as guest OS. These VM's are my mail/web/dns servers.
These VM's nfs mount the userhomedirs, /usr/src,/usr/ports and /usr/obj from the OI global zone.
I have upgraded my OI installation from 151a6 to 151a7 and now I see hard hangs when one of the VM's is doing
a make buildworld ( so doing a lot of NFS traffic)
When I beadm activate the 151a6 be and run that the system is as solid as a rock.
I have just upgraded Vbox to 4.2.4 but that does not solve the hangs.
The GUI session at the console of the box just freezes when it hangs and all networking stops. 
The VM's also freeze.

Any ideas ?


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