[OpenIndiana-discuss] Gnome and the future

Julius Roberts hooliowobbits at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 23:03:40 UTC 2012

On 1 November 2012 09:48, Maxim Kondratovich <maxim.mvk at gmail.com> wrote:
> So why OI has DE at all? Leading to your logic community has to cut off DE
> from distribution at all... And what we will have? Another one illumos based
> server distribution?!

The community will do whatever the community wants :) I'm just saying
i don't use OI for the GUI and i wonder how many people actually do.

> I see OI as OS for general purposes, so stopping development in DE will
> decrease value of OI. Yes, community is to small but we have to find
> compromise and community will grow up.

I don't see OI as a general purpose OS, perhaps that's where our
perspectives differ.

Kind regards, Jules

<golgy> whats so wrong with plumb?
<hoolio> nothing, in itself.  it's just for me, knowing what it means
infers i cannot any longer pretend to not be a complete square when it
comes to computers
<Gryphon> I don't know that knowing anything about plumb turns you
into a nerd, but this conversation already has
<hoolio> are you calling me nerdy?
<checkers> hoolio: you know what initramfs means, AND does. You're
lost to the non-geek world already
<Gryphon> yes
<hoolio> hrm
<hoolio> goodbye cruel world.

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