[OpenIndiana-discuss] no permission to access oi_148 CIFS shares from Lion Finder

Martin Frost me at cs.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 5 10:37:16 UTC 2012

Our users running Lion have a major access problem with CIFS shares
on an oi_148 machine.  The Finder is unable (or unwilling) to open
subdirectories of the share's top level.

The problem seems to be only in the Finder, since other programs
(e.g., Terminal or Pages) can navigate down through the CIFS tree.
For that matter, the Finder can access *files* in the top level, just
not subdirectories; for instance, QuickLook works on top-level files.

I don't know if this is really a Finder bug or a OI bug (or both), but
I've read that it was fixed in Nexenta before the end of November

Has this problem been fixed in OI?  Any chance for a fix in oi_148?


P.S. I just read of a strange "temporary" workaround, though I haven't had
a chance to test it.  It's in the post by notpeter on this page:


It'd be nice if our users didn't have to use that workaround to
access oi_148 files from the Finder in Lion.

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