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Reginald Beardsley pulaskite at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 15:14:11 UTC 2012

Sorry, I missed that detail.  I just opened the connection w/ tip, went to the window where I was setuid to uucp and did "stty olcuc </dev/cua/0" then back to the tip window. No effect.  Everything is still lower case.

At this point, I think I need to make a non-setuid copy of tip and run tip under truss from a shell which is setuid to uucp.  I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try that though as other things will take up the rest of the day.

I'm beginning to suspect that there's something in the USB serial driver which is being more "helpful" than it should.  So another thing is to spin up OI on a box w/ a real serial port and see how it behaves.

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> The stty changes will be lost when
> the last stream closes and the port settings are reset,
> which is probably the very instant that the stty command
> which makes the changes exits in your example. So this will
> only work if something else is holding the port open. That's
> why I said try it when tip is running.
> Alternatively, just to check you can change the parameter,
> use some other command in another window to keep it open,
> such as
> sleep 10000 < /dev/cua/0
> Reginald Beardsley wrote:
> > Andrew,
> > 
> > There are no serial ports and hence no /dev/term/b on
> this system.  In fact if the USB<->RS-232 adapter
> is not plugged in, there is no /dev/term or /dev/cua either.
> Which may explain some of the weirdness when I was setting
> up the port as I don't think I had plugged in the Keyspan
> adapter when I started configuring it. /dev/{term,cua}/0
> don't get created until you plug in the adapter and
> disappear when you unplug it.
> > 
> > ttymon holds /dev/term/0, so even root or uucp cannot
> open /dev/term/0.  stty just hangs until
> interrupted.  Everything I've read suggests that it is
> not possible to have a port be outbound only and that is
> must be bidirectional.  However, I've not attempted to
> test that. I've got enough annoyance as it is. 
> However, I  can see lots of opportunity for trouble w/
> ttymon running on a port that goes away when the USB-serial
> adapter is unplugged.
> > 
> > I can open /dev/cua/0 w/ stty, but do not seem to be
> able to make any changes.
> >   
> -- Andrew
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