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I understand your frustration. 

But I am wondering how Solaris could have a poor serial-line communication
when there are millions of Sparc servers that have no graphics-card and they
can only be managed over a serialline. Ok, this is from serial -> to server
but sure I still argue your explanation. 

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The MCU is 3.3V, so it requires a level shifter to match the 5V coming from
the USB-serial adapter to the MCU. The level shifter and Keyspan work just
fine, though the USB driver may not be playing nice.

The real issue is the pathologically complex handling of serial lines in
Solaris and the ambiguous documentation.  I am not convinced that anyone,
myself included, knows which direction is which.  I know which direction is
in and out for communication w/ the local host, but that is all I'm sure of.
Coupled w/ the fact that no one seems to have done  much w/ a serial port
connection in many years makes it more difficult.  

I last used tip 14 years ago to connect to my ISDN router.  It took only a
couple of minutes to setup.  The first forth MCU also took a couple of
minutes to setup.  The second beat me senseless for 6 hours.

In light of the long history of misery and suffering by system admins at the
hands of serial port connections, this should not be a big surprise. When I
actually did a lot of RS-232 work I was running VMS 4.x on a MicroVAX
connecting to a variety of terminals and an 11/780 w/ an FPS-120B attached.
That was a long time ago when Sun was a young upstart I'd not even heard of.

I *may* build up OI from source so I can run under the debugger and resolve
the issue.  But because I've modified the remote host to emit NL-CR, it's
really not important to me other than it would be nice to have a reasonably
behaved facility for connecting over a serial line to a remote host.  If I
really get in a jam, I can run Linux. I just prefer not to if I can avoid
it.  If I elect to work on the OI/Illumos serial port discipline, it will be
for aesthetic  rather than practical reasons.

Have Fun!

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