[OpenIndiana-discuss] Multiple Windows servers and a OI NAS, how to get there

Robert Soubie robert.soubie at free.fr
Fri Sep 7 14:31:09 UTC 2012

Le 04/09/2012 23:13, Natxo Asenjo a écrit :
> You have, I think, two solutions. The first one is only available for 
> newer windows servers, I think. The second is a nice hack that will 
> probably never be supported if you run into trouble but I have used it 
> and it works :-)
> 1. use mklink (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS_symbolic_link) to 
> create a symbolink link anywhere on the local drives to the share. 
> mklink /d d:\mylink \\server\share You have to create the link on 
> every windows server, obviously. I used the d: drive, use whatever you 
> like/can :-)
> 2. run net use letter: \\server\share during computer startup (using 
> group policy). This way it will run as windows user SYSTEM and the 
> drive letter will be available to everybody.

Excellent ! So far, in my context (a ZFS home server with multiple 
non-server Win 7 clients), I used solution #2. I now find that solution 
#1 brings two advantages, and one disadvantage :

a) When using the Windows Explorer function "copy or move a file or 
directory to some target place", Explorer does not forget any more the 
last target place used.

b) I can now delete from any Windows box the server thumbs.db files that 
Windows Explorer creates. I do not know why those files cannot be 
deleted, Windows users having full control of the SMB share.

c) With solution #1, I lose access to snapshots. However, both solutions 
seem to be compatible, so...

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