[OpenIndiana-discuss] reboot completely

Michael Stapleton michael.stapleton at techsologic.com
Sat Sep 8 02:20:41 UTC 2012

How about reboot -p


         Reboot to prom. This flag can be used to reboot the sys-
         tem through firmware without changing the default reboot
         behavior as  denoted  by  the  config/fastreboot_default
         property setting in system/boot-config service.

         This option is currently available only on x86  systems.
         The -p and -f options are mutually exclusive.


On Fri, 2012-09-07 at 18:37 -0700, Marion Hakanson wrote:

> openindiana at nedharvey.com said:
> > So, things like init 6 just reboot from the kernel upward.  But sometimes you
> > want or need to reset the computer, make it go through BIOS and grub and
> > everything.
> > 
> > If you login on the physical console, you can go to System / Shutdown, and
> > there's a checkbox, "Skip boot menu on restart" which controls this behavior.
> >  But if you're connected into gnome via VNC, that menu isn't present.
> > 
> > How do you fully reboot the computer, without the physical console? 
> You could turn off "fastreboot" temporarily:
>   svccfg -s "system/boot-config:default" setprop config/fastreboot_default=fals
> e
> Regards,
> Marion
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