[OpenIndiana-discuss] SPARC-OpenIndiana Screenshots

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Mon Sep 10 12:49:21 UTC 2012

Sašo: Thank you.
Hosting help will be very good in every case.
I don't know if you are subscribed to the Illumos devel list.
Garrett proposed, that OpenIndiana should no longer be Illumos'
reference distro.
That's what I meant. I finally found some appetite on Indiana, and now
it gets dropped?
I just think we folks will prevent that from happening  :)


> Just don't gzip -9, it's way too much cpu usage for no significant reduction
> in size, especially on a sparc box. Something like gzip -5 is enough.

I know, But on everything starting at 1GHz it is not that bad.
The reason was: Of course I'm aware of the smaller compression ratios.
But then DualLayer would be a requirement.
If you like and if time allows, I can offer two versions of that ISO.
One for DualLayer Media (with gzip-5) and the other for usual 4.7 GB
(4.4GB) media.


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