[OpenIndiana-discuss] ldap client config not persistent after reboot

Nathan Kunkee nkunkee42 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 11 03:41:40 UTC 2012

>> As a wild guess, temporary disabled may mean that some services
>> prerequisite to ldap did not start well. Try to research dependencies
>> (svcs -d/-D) or enable recursively (svcadm enable -r).
>> What you're doing seems like it should work.
>> nsswitch confuses me... do you have NWAM enabled? try to get it
>> reconfigured, or disable it and use the physical:default service
>> to configure networking from files as was documented eons ago.

>after configuring a fixed ip address, it works.

NWAM is trying to be helpful and looking in its configuration to see if LDAP is enabled. If it finds LDAP enabled, it starts the ldap/client service. If not, it leaves it disabled each boot. NWAM also updates nsswitch.conf according to the location that has been defined, so that it overwrites that file with each boot also.

To get LDAP to be persistent across reboots at home I had to setup a 'location' to tell NWAM when to use LDAP. I defined a new file, which is a mix of LDAP and DNS, to be used for nsswitch.conf. The ldap-nameservice-servers has to be filled in, but the value isn't used. 

nathan at asgard:~$ nwamcfg list loc home
    activation-mode              conditional-any
    conditions                   "advertised-domain contains 2wire"
    enabled                      false
    nameservices                 dns,ldap
    nameservices-config-file     "/etc/nsswitch.home"
    dns-nameservice-configsrc    dhcp
    ldap-nameservice-configsrc    manual
    ldap-nameservice-servers     "XXXXX.dyndns-home.com"
    default-domain               "gateway.2wire.net"
    nfsv4-domain                 "gateway.2wire.net"
nathan at asgard:~$ 

*NOTE* that you have to configure LDAP through the command line interface--the GUI for NWAM has a bug where it passes invalid parameters to NWAM. Since I think it is a simple validation bug, I've been meaning to try and find it to submit a patch...but haven't quite yet.

Hope that helps,

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