[OpenIndiana-discuss] Interest in OpenIndiana VPS host?

Edward Ned Harvey (openindiana) openindiana at nedharvey.com
Wed Sep 12 14:59:59 UTC 2012

> From: Magnus [mailto:magnus at yonderway.com]
> The trouble is, the market is a race to the bottom
> (price wise) so it's hard to compete when there are so many providers
> offering Linux for $10 or less per month with plenty of resources for a small
> server.

Linux != Solaris.
My main point of interest in a solaris / openindiana VPS provider would be ZFS.  Suddenly, I would have a convenient cloud-based destination for "zfs send" for my offsite backups.  Beats the pants off my current solution, lugging removable disks to the bank.

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