[OpenIndiana-discuss] Problem with pkg image-update

Mark Creamer whitetr6 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 03:21:30 UTC 2012

My server is currently at oi151a5, and it's been about a month, so I ran
pkg image-update to check on available updates. As expected, the packages
from oi151a6 were available, so I let it run. When the installation was
complete, I noticed it said that pkg could not activate the new BE. I ran
beadm list, and saw all of the BEs listed, with the one I'm in now marked
N, and the new one marked R. The new one shows a mount point under

Because I saw that it said it could not activate the new BE, I decided not
to reboot because I wasn't sure what would happen to my old BE. I then
attempted beadm activate opensolaris-6 which is my current running BE, the
one marked N in beadm list. It said it could not promote the BE.

I'm leaving it be until I can get some advice on what to do. For example,
should I destroy the latest BE that was just created but could not be



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