[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI as file storage server

Neddy, NH. Nam nam.nh at nd24.net
Fri Sep 14 07:07:36 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,

I have a question and may somebody help me to find the solution please?

Let say, my current system where I'm working is too old and it's easy
to break up if something wrong happens (lucky for me, there's still
nothing wrong). And I feel unhappy with it. In fact, we're running
Novell Netware 6.5 to store sharing files between dept., users. It
provides some more features like: windows logon restriction, network
drive mapping rules, etc ...Now it's running out of free space, and
adding more HDDs is an option.

I've read some ZFS articles on Internet like:
and on this mailing list, people are using ZFS and there are more
advantages in ZFS than Netware in storage competence. So I'd like to
stick with it more. But I doubt about in my real case, my storage
server will be working as a file level storage more than block level
storeage. Does it slow down ZFS performance?

And one more point, I'd plan to use OI + napp-it for file sharing, is
there any solution to recover one(s) file(s) that was accidentally
deleted by user but I don't have to roll back the whole storage?

I know I should setup a system to test myself, but my current
condition doesn't support me. So I think somebody who already runs
OS/OI for long time should have experienced and give me the guidance.

Excuse me if my questions are dump, and I highly appreciate your helps.

Best regards,

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