[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI as file storage server

Guenther Alka alka at hfg-gmuend.de
Fri Sep 14 07:35:35 UTC 2012

>> And one more point, I'd plan to use OI + napp-it for file sharing, is
>> there any solution to recover one(s) file(s) that was accidentally
>> deleted by user but I don't have to roll back the whole storage?
> I don't know about napp-it specifically, but you can easily recover lost
> files by simply cloning a previous snapshot into a full filesystem,
> mounting that and copying out the files you've lost. You can then
> destroy the clone when you don't need it anymore (the original snapshot
> remains unaffected).

3 easiest ways to recover files from snaps:

Use Windows previous version
(Supported with CIFS server)

use TimeSlider on OI
(select a folder in OI filebrowser Nautilus and go back in time.)

use Midnight cCommander at CLI to access .zfs/snapshot folder

do not forget to create snapshots often enough.
(see napp-it menu jobs)

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