[OpenIndiana-discuss] HFS+ (Apple file system) read/write support on Illumos -- interest levels?

Dave Pooser dave-oi at pooserville.com
Sat Sep 15 21:01:41 UTC 2012

On 9/15/12 12:15 AM, "Magnus" <magnus at yonderway.com> wrote:

>I know we're supposed to be promoting Illumos solutions and whatnot, but
>why not run ZFS directly on your Macs? It won't work for the boot drive
>but it'll work for the external storage you're attaching.  You can zfs
>send | zfs receive to an OI tower for deep archiving if you'd prefer.

Yeah, that came out the day I finally got tired of waiting for it to ship
and went with my plan B.  Timing is everything.  :^)

I'll be testing the Zevo solution and see how it works with RAIDZ2 on Mac
Pros (after I figure out how many drives I can cram in there -- wonder if
the PS will drive 8x2.5" drives as well as the 4 3.5" drives). Thanks for
the pointer.
Dave Pooser
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