[OpenIndiana-discuss] failed upgrade from OpenSolaris to OpenIndiana

Udo Grabowski (IMK) udo.grabowski at kit.edu
Wed Sep 26 11:26:05 UTC 2012

On 26/09/2012 12:31, Roel_D
>>>> Could someone help me
>>>> *) reclaim the disk space that got eaten by downloaded packages (hos
>>>> to purge these?)
>>> Check in /var/pkg(/tmp), and note that clones or rather origin
>>> snapshots of rootfs might reference these unpurged files forever.
>> Thanks Jim. Thereunder the two biggest subfolders are
>>       pkg        (380MB)
>>       download    (1GB)
>> Is this supposedly all safe to just delete ?
>> Isn't there some purge option to a pkg command, that'd be cleaner ?
> Unfortunately, that I do not know. I've seen /var/pkg fill up during package
> installations and updates and get cleaned when the process completed, but I
> did not look much deeper.

pkg set-property flush-content-cache-on-success True

After the next update/remove action, the ..../download/ folder
will be purged.

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