[OpenIndiana-discuss] zpool export import alternate cachefile

Randy S sim.ple at live.nl
Wed Sep 26 13:51:48 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Using openindiana latest build (a6)

I'm experimenting with creating zpools with an alternate location for 
the cachefile. Reason: I don't want certain pools to mount at boottime. I
 know that you have to create a copy of the cachefile so that it won't 
be removed when you export it. I followed the following procedure (done 
in a vm and on real hardware)

1: Create e.g. a very simple pool with the command:

zpool create -o cachefile=/etc/cache/testpool.cache -f testpool c2t1d0 

2: copy /etc/cache/testpool.cache to /tmp/

3: export testpool :zpool export testpool (original cachefile gets deleted automatically)

4: copy the cachefile back to original location: cp /tmp/testpool.cache /etc/cache/

5: import the testpool back: zpool import -c /etc/cache/testpool.cache -a 

Step 5 is where it goes wrong. I allways get the message: "cannot import
 'testpool': one or more devices is currently unavailable.

If I do an import -f testpool, there's no problem. I find this bevaviour a little strange. Probably I'm missing something.

Maybe somebody can shed some light on this?



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